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To our customers, friends and employees:

December 9th. Update - Bill Pay is UP! You can find it under your checking account and in services - bottom right of the screen. If you have issues. Or, Under Move Money. Please feel free to call us if you have questions.

December 9th. Update - We were hoping to have Bill Pay rolled out on December 7th and that didn't happen. We apologize. We were up late on the night of the 7th reviewing the data file. Unfortunately, we discovered that the file was not complete and had we rolled it out, many of you would have been without your bill payees. With an abundance of caution, we delayed the rollout and we are expecting a new file today, December 9th. Hopefully we can get it rolled out later today.

We have successfully rolled out the activation of our new debit cards and on Monday- December 6th, we will launch our new website. As you will notice, the new debit cards do have the NFC - Near Field Communications Chips installed. These are different from RFID chips as they are not remotely scannable at a distance and they offer a much higher level of security.

Simply tap your card to the reader and make your payment.

All Locations:
We are operating under "normal" operations.
Please follow normal social distancing guidelines.
For everyone's safety, please wear a face mask inside of the building and stay safe.