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Money Market

 This account is ideal for Small Business's and Individuals.

Account Details

  •   Quarterly Statement
  •   $2,500 minimum balance to open
  •   Interest Rates are tiered, interest is compounded and credited quarterly
  •   You must maintain a minimum balance of $500 in the account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield
  •   $5.00 Minimum balance fee for balance below $500 per month
  •   If you close your account before interest is paid, you will not receive accrued interest.
You are limited to 6 preauthorized debits per month. This includes telephone transfers, electronic transfers, and funds management. If you exceed the transfer limitations set forth above in any monthly period, your account will be subject to closure.

You may make up to 9 withdrawals per quarter from your account. After that there will be a $20 charge per withdrawal.

Your Benefits

  •   Excellent Service from our Family
  •   Earn TIERED interest rates on larger balances
  •   Copy of all checks and deposit images included with statement
  •   Free Online Banking - Free Images of Statements and Free Bill Pay
  •   Carry VISA, America's most popular credit card. Separate application required
  •   Free Debit Card Available