Sign up for debit card text alerts

How can I help protect my Account and Debit Card?

Debit Card Alerts - Receive Messages to your phone or email with Debit Card Transactions

We can sign you up by either calling the bank and talking to one of our friendly representatives or by signing into your online banking profile. Once logged in, navigate to the help menu and select the profile option.


  • Recieve text/SMS messages to your cell phone or email as transactions occur - within seconds. This will depend on many factors, including a complicated cell phone network
  • Get your current balance by replying with BAL or BALANCE
  • Lock your debit card by replying LOCK ##### - last 5 of card
  • UnLock your debit card by replying UNLOCK ##### - last 5 of card


  • Maintain a checking account in good standing
  • Maintain an active debit card
  • Of course: Have a cell phone capable of receiving messages and/or an email account