Mobile Phone running app

Mobile App Payments


  • It's Free!
  • Take your debit card out of the loop.
  • Make payments almost anywhere.  Forgot your debit card - no problem, use your phone


  • Maintain a checking account in good standing
  • Load an appropriate App on your phone
  • Supported phones include:
    • AppleĀ® devices iOS 8.0 or higher, both phones and tablets which support NFC Payments - starts in Feb. 2019
    • Android devices running Android 4.0 or greater, both phones and tablets which support NFC payments - available now.

What are NFC Payments: 

NFC (Near Field Chip) is a more secure method of using your debit card. Your debit card information is used to create a token which is loaded into the App. The App doesn't store your debit card number, only a token. When you are at a merchant which accepts mobile payments, you open the app, indicate that you want to pay for something using your debit card and hold your phone close to the terminal.
The security behind the App and token is very strong. In fact, your device and App will require you to either use biometric or a pin code to open the App before you can make a purchase.