RediImage Statements



  • It's Free!
  • Access your account from almost anywhere, anytime
  • Never lose another Statement via "Snail mail" (US Postal Service)!
  • Help protect yourself from Identity theft!
  • Experts agree, cutting off the mail helps protect consumers!
  • We archive your Statements for at least 2 years online!
  • View the front and back of your checks and deposits
  • View the last 90 days of history on all of your accounts
  • Sort your items by: dollar amount, description, check number!
  • Search through your items by: dollar amount or check number!
  • Transfer money between your State Bank accounts, free. (Transfers from/to external accounts for a small fee*)
  • Make payments to your loans with the State Bank.
  • Download history to Quicken, QuickBooks, Quicken (pre-2005 QIF), Open Financial Exchange (OFX), Comma Deliminted (CSV)

* See current fee schedule.